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Twelve Month Engagement Plan

Do dates have a tendency to sneak up on you?

Are you challenged just trying to remember

your own loved ones' birthdays?   

As an EngagedPlus member, our Engagement Concierge facilitates a twelve-month engagement plan so you'll have the next twelve months covered with a unique plan that fits your organization's goals and needs.


What's included?  Your "you pick three" workshops, fun activities to engage your teams, an employee engagement survey, and other important milestones that you want to be sure to acknowledge.  

International Employees?  We include important holidays in your plan so your international employee's special days are not forgotten!

Employees with unique needs?  We make sure we plan intentionally for that!

Remote workers?  We provide remote-friendly engagement ideas to ensure that all members of your team can participate and benefit from your plan.

Company milestones?   We've got you covered!

Let's get intentional together!   Contact our concierge to find out how!  Reach out to

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