LaShon Ross


Communication & Cultural Competence 

While organizations often celebrate the presence of diverse thought, skill sets, cultures, and points-of-view in the work environment, this is often not enough.  To truly realize the benefits from this level of coexistence requires significant self-awareness, empathy, collaboration, patience, and self-regulation.  Pluralism is an attainable goal when there is a genuine commitment to maximizing the benefits of diversity.   


Our dynamic and skillful facilitator, LaShon Ross, holds a Master's Degree in Counseling and has spent decades in HR and leadership roles.  Partnering with EarlyEngage, LaShon offers learning opportunities and coaching in the areas of diversity, cultural awareness, and leadership with a focus on skill development in communication, empathy, listening, open-mindedness, and accountability.  


To build open communication, diversity and cultural awareness into your yearly engagement plan, reach out to our engagement concierge to book a transformative session with LaShon.