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Performance reviews, open enrollment, end of year budget planning, the slew of job openings and let's not forget new hire onboarding.....oh my!


But, HR friends, it's ok.....we've been there, because before we started EarlyEngage, we have spent decades in your shoes, in corporate HR.  And we have felt the pain of having way too much on our plates, and too small a budget to make a real impact on employee engagement.


We know you want to be more intentional about professional development, cultural awareness, fun and engaging activities….. but let's be honest, do you have the time, resources, or help to do it well?


With EarlyEngage, we've got your covered.  Not only will you feel supported with daily reminders and weekly resources, monthly workshops and engagement tools for your employees, you will have access to a dedicated engagement concierge who will help you pull it off like a pro, without forgetting an important celebration, ever again.  Yes, that’s right, a DEDICATED engagement concierge.


The small HR office does NOT need to be a lonely place.  We are here to help, all at a price your CFO will cheer about!  

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