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Holiday Engagement Guides

EarlyEngage is committed to help organizations sized 5 - 500 with creating positive employee experiences, to help retain the best and brightest at a cost that small employers can afford. 


With an EarlyEngaged subscription, you’ll be a part of a unique, cost effective approach to employee engagement, geared for small companies who want to have a “big company” presence with their employees to drive employee engagement.  


Support Professional and Personal Development

We sponsor monthly employee development workshops facilitated by our talented team of facilitators.  We do all of the coordination, set up, and provide you with promotional materials.


Promote Cultural Awareness and Inclusion

Drive connections through our regular “Just For Fun” activities, and promote inclusion through our curated cultural awareness content and remote-friendly idea guides, such as the holiday guides offered here. 


Drive Engagement Through Regular Feedback

Through regular employee insights, you’ll gain access to measurable data and actionable feedback to better align company goals with outcomes..


If you are interested in more about our low cost employment engagement subscriptions (starting at $249/month) we’d love to chat! Click here to book a time to learn more.

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