Andrea Nelson


LaShon Ross


Leadership Development


It takes great leaders to make a company grow, and thrive.

And leaders don't develop by accident.  

Leadership requires nurturing, mentoring, and coaching.  

With decades of experience and success in Leadership Development, Talent Management, Organizational Development, and Culture,

our Leadership Development partners both bring deep knowledge and the no-nonsense know-how necessary to develop great leaders.


Andrea Nelson's leadership development passion surrounds bringing the principles of Brene Brown's #1 New York Times Best Seller, Dare to Lead TM to help drive organizations drive courageous organizational cultures and brave leadership practices.  Her workshops surround topics such as trust, vulnerability, values, integrity. 


LaShon Ross has decades of leadership experience "in the trenches" which allows her to take a thoughtful and insightful approach to develop leaders and preparing them for handling organizational challenges such as conflict, problem-solving, decision making, breaking down silos, managing former peers, and driving better accountability and teamwork.  

Both ladies bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to EarlyEngage.  To find the best fit for your organization's goals, interests, reach out to our friendly engagement concierge at for assistance in choosing your "you pick three" options.